ISO 20000

ISO 20000-1 is the international standard for quality management specifically focused around IT service management. ISO 20000:2011 (the latest version of ISO 20000-1) provides a set of standardised requirements for an IT service management system (SMS). Given how vital IT is to organisations it is essentially that both your internal and external IT services are aligned with the needs of your businesses and customers.An increasing number of organisations are implementing an IT Service Management System (ITSMS), based around ISO 20000 as a solution to this business requirement. By certifying to the IT standard companies are able to independently demonstrate to their customers that they are meeting (and sometimes exceeding) industry best practice.

Benefits of ISO 20000 :-

  • An organisation seeking services from service providers and requiring assurance that their service requirements will be fulfilled.
  • An organisation that requires a consistent approach by all its service providers, including those in a supply chain
  • A service provider that intends to demonstrate its capability for the design, transition, delivery and improvement of services that fulfil service requirements
  • A service provider to monitor, measure and review its service management processes and services
  • A service provider to improve the design, transition, delivery and improvement of services through the effective implementation and operation of the SMS.